Valero Diamond Green Diesel


Cajun’s scope included a new processing unit from the anchor bolts down, which involved a variety of civil disciplines and scope activities such as excavation, piling, backfill, foundations construction, sump construction and paving. We constructed two concrete drainage structures with each measuring 850 foot long and 3 foot deep, all plant roadways, and a half-mile of a new railroad to the property entrance from the existing KCS mainline. This project also included two major sumps 16 foot below grade, foundations for the new rail line and a tank foundation for the green diesel storage.


  • 28-month duration
  • 265,000 man-hours
  • 207 peak manpower
  • 0.00 TRIR

Work Performed

  • Heavy civil design and constructability
  • 204,500 CY – Backfill placed
  • 10,000 EA – Driven piles installed – including 9,574 timber piles, 518 pre-cast pipe piles, and 71 pipe piles
  • 14,324 CY – Concrete foundations placed including one 1,760 CY tank foundation 161 foot in diameter
  • 2,968 CY – Concrete paving placed
  • 14,715 LF – Underground carbon steel pipe installed – including firewater, storm water, fat water, oily water, wastewater, blow-down and drinking water systems
  • 7,822 LF – HDPE and PVC pipe installed – site drainage and rail unloading pipe systems
  • 32 EA – Catch basins constructed
  • 2,541 EA – HDPE drip pans installed for the rail unloading system totaling over a half mile
  • 6,831 LF – Rail track placed including two tie-ins to the Kansas City Southern rail lines, six new switches, one new rail scale and two road crossings
  • 500 LF – One rail bridge installed to span underground pipelines
  • 45,000 T – Limestone placed for roads and rail sub-ballast
  • 30,000 SY – Asphalt paving placed
  • 167,145 LF – Wick drains installed for the new rail road
  • 4,700 LF – Security fence constructed
  • 178 EA – Protection bollards installed