USACE-New Orleans District WBV-16.2 Bayou Segnette Complex


This project involved enclosing Company Canal to allow it to serve as a safe harbor during storm events and to provide a new line of hurricane protection to 100 year storm levels. Cajun’s scope of work included construction of a new sector gate and pump station together with their associated channels, construction of a T-wall type floodwall, and construction of a channel closure across Bayou Segnette. Also included in the scope of work was construction of a permanent section of earthen levee from the sector gate to the adjacent floodwall.


  • 43-month duration
  • 223,652 man-hours
  • 65 peak manpower

Work Performed

  • Construction of a new sector gate structure in a marine environment
  • Construction of temporary retaining structures (TRS) for the sector gate, pumping station and T-wall/channel closure structures including design of two of the TRSs
  • Clearing and grubbing of the project site, which is in a low-lying, swampy area
  • Placement of approximately 10,000 CY of reinforced concrete
  • Channel excavation (dredging) of approximately 75,000 CY (including one navigable channel for the sector gate)
  • Periodic maintenance dredging
  • Construction of nine T-wall monoliths
  • Embankment of approximately 58,000 CY of compacted fill for construction of an earthen levee
  • Installation of over 42,000 SF of sheet piles
  • Installation of a creosote treated timber pile fender system
  • Installation of 24” and 30” pipe piles
  • Construction of a guidewall using a floating plant
  • Site unwatering and dewatering
  • Installation of needles, a needle girder and a storage platform
  • Demolition of an existing gate
  • Construction of a 14’ earthen levee
  • Clearing and grubbing of the project site, which was situated in a low lying area
  • Placement of over 33,000 tons of 650LB rip rap from a barge
  • Installation of scour protection
  • Installation of operating machinery at the sector gate and pump station
  • Installation of water craft protection dolphins in Company Canal and at the pump station
  • Design and implementation of emergency gap closure and temporary flood protection plans to replace existing protection removed for construction access tie-ins with new protection