Sasol Chemicals, USA Lake Charles Chemical Project (LCCP)


Sasol was constructing an $11 billion petrochemical complex which tripled the company’s chemical production capacity in the US. The complex also includes an ethane cracker that will produce 1.5 million tons of ethylene annually, and six downstream chemical manufacturing plants to use the ethylene produced at the facility. These plants will produce a range of high-value derivatives including ethylene oxide, mono-ethylene glycol, ethoxylates, low density and linear low-density polyethylene, along with Ziegler and Guerbet alcohols.


  • 22-month duration
  • 650,000 man-hours
  • 355 peak manpower
  • 0.00 TRIR

Work Performed

  • Drilled Displacement Piles (DDP) – installation of 1,157 drilled displacement piles, 24” diam., 36-70’ long (approx. 32,880 LF)
  • Augered Cast-In-Place Piles (ACIP) – installation of 7,700 ACIP piles or 423,500 LF, including limited access and standard access
  • Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles (PCC) – installation of 13,396 EA 18” & 14” square, 40-66’ (approx. 736,780 LF)
  • Steel Sheet Piles (SSP) – designed, procured and installed approx. 2.4 million SF of PZC – 18 & 26 SSP, 45-80’ sheet pile length for 57 cofferdam structures up to 40’ deep with various surcharge loads and sequences of construction for structures, piping and tunnels.
  • Critical construction planning required continual constructability reviews with designers and process operators to efficiently work 27 piling and handling cranes (up to 275 ton capacity) in sequence with construction of other concrete structures and underground piping based on schedule and IFC drawings issued.