Saber Power Services Henderson Transmission Line


Cajun was contracted by Saber Power to install vibrated caisson foundations and set transmission poles for a 6-mile transmission line.


  • Cajun was able to deliver a quality project on schedule while having multiple activities each day from unloading and staging permanent caisson pipe, drilling the socket for each structure, vibrating the caisson to correct elevation, setting the pole to the correct camber (tilt) per design documents, pour high early setting concrete.


  • 10 month duration
  • 4,104 man-hours
  • 14 peak manpower

Work Performed

  • Unloaded and staged permanent caisson pipe.
  • Drilled 10’ deep socket.
  • Vibrated 63 EA permanent caisson structures ranging in size from 48”x35’ to 78”x40’ with a maximum weight of 21,700 pounds.
  • Set 63 transmission line poles ranging in height from 80’ to 90’.
  • Poured all sockets with a high early setting concrete.