Cajun Fabrication Facility


Completed in early 2014, Cajun operates a new 50,000 square foot, completely enclosed, state-of-the-art pipe fabrication facility with a separate, 2,500 SF NDE building. The facility is located on I-10 in West Baton Rouge Parish adjacent to the intercoastal waterway and features 50 acres of property and bulkheaded dock. Cajun’s Building Division acted as general contractor, overseeing all aspects of the project. Cajun was responsible for the design of the vertical structure. This required meticulous coordination by our project team with all design disciplines including geotechnical, structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical to ensure design intent and mitigate costly conflicts. Due to Cajun’s rapid growth, this was a fast track project with an ever-evolving and expanding scope. After mobilization, a third production line was added, which required continuous adjustment of the project execution plan and schedule.


Cajun completed the project on time and within budget.


  • 14 month duration
  • 50,237 man-hours
  • 0.00 TRIR

Work Performed

  • 32,000 CY unsuitable soil cut and removed
  • 7,000 CY select fill for the building pad installed
  • 26,250 TN limestone placed for parking and lay-down and parking areas
  • 34,700 SY lime processed, compacted, and graded under parking and laydown
  • 375 LF 8” sewer pipe installed with two sewer manholes
  • 250 LF 3” domestic water pipe installed
  • 1,200 LF 6’ high chain link security fence installed
  • 4 walk gates and 2 EA 30’ cantilever gates with auto operators installed
  • 200 class B timber piles with tension uplift connectors installed
  • 19,000 SF 6” and 8” paving placed
  • 2,500 CY concrete foundations placed
  • 350+ TN steel erected
  • 62,500 SF metal roof panels and 53,000 SF metal wall panels installed
  • 15,000 EA 12” CMU blocks installed
  • 200 CY concrete masonry fill installed
  • 9,000 SF mechanical deck constructed
  • 3 EA 10 TN and 6 EA 5 ton single girder, overhead, electrified, bridge cranes complete with runway and rail installed and commissioned
  • 21 half ton cantilevered jib cranes with electric hoists and trolleys installed
  • Compressed air system (redundant looped) constructed with piping, drops to each work station, dryers, and compressors Argon and Co2 welding gas system (looped) constructed with piping, drops to each work station and bulk storage tank
  • Electrical system constructed – 4,000-amp main electrical service
  • 2 independent exhaust systems constructed (capacity: 900,000 CF of air per minute)
  • 6 specialty systems constructed – fire alarm, access controls, security, inventory management, energy efficient lighting control and CCTV.
  • 7,500 SF building constructed which includes break room, restroom, offices, food prep, storage areas
  • 2,500 SF NDE building constructed.