Placid Refining FCC Gasoline Hydrotreater


This project was a key component to a major expansion for the Placid Refinery. The expansion provided an increase to the refinery’s capacity while improving emissions and meeting federal low sulfur standards for fuel. The hydrotreater project involved one major pipe rack being connected to supporting structures and an adjacent compressor deck for two compressors. The scope of work also included the placement of numerous pieces of equipment and installation of the piping system.


  • Cajun received an ABC Excellence Award for this project.
  • The project was completed on schedule and within budget.


  • 100,000 man-hours
  • 0.00 TRIR

Work Performed

  • Installation of 300 tons of structural steel
  • Setting and alignment of 80 pieces of mechanical equipment, including reactors, towers, drums, exchangers, fin fans, powerhouse, analyzer building, filters and pumps
  • Installation of 34,000 LF of stainless steel, carbon steel and chrome moly piping
  • Painting, insulation, fireproofing, electrical and instrumentation and heavy rigging and lifting