Methanex G-1 & G-2 Relocation


This grassroots EPC project involved the relocation of two methanol plants from Chile to Geismar, LA. Cajun was responsible for all infrastructure for the relocations. The scope included site work, underground piping, catch basins, manholes, road work, underground drainage, underground electrical work, sheet pile installation and concrete foundations below grade, at grade and above grade.


Cajun’s initial contract was for the Geismar 1 Relocation. Due to high-quality workmanship and a pristine safety record, we were also awarded work for the Geismar 2 Relocation.


  • 24-month duration
  • 1,779,461 man-hours
  • 440 peak manpower

Work Performed


  • 200 acres pasture land stripped, cleared and graded
  • 352,590 CY spoil removed and hauled away
  • 524,220 CY structural fill (sand and lime stabilized clay)
  • 560,810 SY fabric installed
  • 282,046 tons limestone installed
  • 113,010 CY concrete installed – below, at, and above grade
  • 464,077 LBS anchor bolts / embeds installed
  • 5,524 tons rebar installed
  • 19,200 LF HDPE firewater pipe installed
  • 10,340 LF carbon steel sanitary sewer pipe installed
  • 19,120 LF RCP storm sewer pipe installed
  • 251 EA manholes and catchbasins
  • 39,000 CY structural concrete
  • Road work

Deep Foundations

  • 18 EA sheet pile coffer dams installed