Entergy Texas, Inc. Lewis Creek Dam Stabilization


Cajun provided the deep foundations system underpinning the newly stabilized soil on the resurfaced Lewis Creek Dam. The earthen dam structure had been partially compromised during a 500-year rain events in the East Texas basin, and Cajun’s piling contributed a major component of the rehabilitation effort.


  • 100% of the work was self-performed by Cajun’s merit shop labor, trained and vested into Cajun’s top-performing, “safety-above-all” workforce.


  • 8-month duration
  • 9,220 man-hours
  • 15 peak manpower
  • 0.00 TRIR

Work Performed

  • The deep foundations scope consisted of the procurement, delivery, cutting, pre-drilling, stabbing, and impact installation of over 5,000 steel H-piles and 950 LF of sheet pile. The installation was performed on a 30-degree slope along the entire downstream face of 12,000-foot long dam.
  • Steel H-Piles: 5,355 each HP 10 x 42, each 20’ in length installed to underpin over 1.2 million square feet of lime stabilized soil.
  • Sheet Piles: 950 linear feet of 20-25’ long AZ14-770 sheet piles were installed for seepage cut-off protection.