Dow LA3 CME General Mechanical


The scope of work for the general mechanical portion of this project included brownfield additions and retrofit modifications. Dow’s objective for the project was to improve the plant’s ethane flexibility in order to take advantage of low-cost feedstock. This project was featured as part of Dow’s comprehensive U.S. Gulf Coast investment strategy.


  • 26-month duration
  • 950,000 man-hours
  • 239 peak manpower

Work Performed

Brownfield scope installed:

  • 500+ TN structural steel (pipe racks, deck, structures)
  • 30 EA 50 ton precast structural concrete pipe rack components
  • 20,000 LF stainless and carbon steel process piping – ¾”-30” diam.
  • 35+ PCS of equipment set (aligned and grouted where applicable)
  • 1 EA C2 splitter and reboiler- 175’ tall and 236 TN
  • 5 EA vessels (multiple sizes and capacities)
  • 1 EA compressor w/gearbox, superheaters, condenser, lube oil skid
  • 6 EA exchangers
  • 8 EA pumps ranging from 216-552 GPM

Retrofit scope installed:

  • 15,000 LF carbon steel process piping- fabricated and painted – 3”- 10” diam.
  • 100 TN fabricated structural steel (within existing congested pipe racks).