ABC Leaders Meet President

2Q18 Newsletter

ABC Leaders Meet President

A dozen Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) national leaders had an opportunity to meet with President Donald Trump, Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin during ABC’s 2018 Legislative Conference held in Washington, DC in June.

The topics of discussion included the effects of the tax cuts on our businesses and employees, apprenticeship education, immigration, deregulation, the environment, and tariff wars among other issues. The interactive group discussion was both thrilling and educational.

The President is clear on his mission. He wants to give more tax relief to hard-working people, focus on reducing the size and scope of our federal bureaucracy, and create a more favorable business climate for industry to thrive in the United States. Additionally, he wants to ensure that other countries are trading with us fairly and equitably.

President Trump’s policies focus on making America compete on a world stage. He was cordial, fearless, and quite engaging.

The President amassed several successful business ventures prior to winning the presidency and understands how bureaucracy can choke free and open competition. He reiterated that there is a place for the federal government to assist businesses but for too long it has been an impediment. It’s apparent our industry has a proponent in the White House who is on a mission to create an environment in which our trade and workforce can thrive.

Milton Graugnard | Executive Vice President, Cajun Industries, LLC

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