DRILLED DISPLACEMENT PILES–Intelligent, Stronger, Superior.

DRILLED DISPLACEMENT PILES–Intelligent, Stronger, Superior.

Drilled displacement is a rotary-installed deep foundation system utilizing reinforced, cast-in-place concrete for heavily-loaded foundations.

Installed by advancing a specially-designed drilling tool with a high-torque, high-crowd rotary drill rig.

Soil is displaced laterally during auger advancement, densifying soils and leading to higher axial pile capacities.

  • Economical – Smaller diameter, shorter lengths than traditional drilled or driven piles.
  • Efficient – Schedule-friendly production rates.
  • Strength – Increased pile skin friction leads to higher capacity. Higher Capacity = Less Piles = Lower Cost
  • Minimal Spoils – Eliminates auger spoil cleanup and disposal costs. Great for environmentally-sensitive soils.
  • Silent – Eliminates vibration and noise. Use near sensitive structures.
  • Value Engineering – Turnkey design of your deep foundation system using Drilled Displacement Piles.

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