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4Q21 Newsletter

2021 Year in Review 2021 has been a big one. Exciting projects, big awards, company news and so much more. Check out what Cajun’s been up to in 2021. Download our full 4Q21 newsletter here.

14 Results

4Q20 Newsletter

2020 Year in Review

4Q19 Newsletter

Phillip Tischman Recognized for Safety

3Q19 Newsletter

Cajun Utilizes AWP

2Q19 Newsletter

Celebrating Employee Longevity

1Q19 Newsletter

Teamwork is Key on Land and Water

Cajun Employees Reach Safety Milestone

4Q18 Newsletter

Cajun ended 2018 on a high note!

One Cajun, 3Q18 Newsletter Cajun Industries

3Q18 Newsletter

One Cajun: Cajun Industries is Striving to Erase Division Lines

ABC Leaders Meet President

2Q18 Newsletter

ABC Leaders Meet President Trump

how are they tied off?

1Q18 Newsletter

How Are They Tied Off?

MASS Concrete + MASS Planning=MASS Success

4Q17 Newsletter

MASS Concrete+MASS Planning=MASS Success

What we do

Cajun is one of the largest self-performing contractors in the South. Our core competencies include multi-discipline engineering, civil, structural and mechanical work coupled with specialized expertise in deep foundations, maritime, and pipe fabrication.

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