Cajun Employees Reach Safety Milestone

4Q18 Newsletter

Cajun Employees Reach Safety Milestone

Cajun ended 2018 on a high note! Congratulations to the entire Cajun team for achieving ONE YEAR with ZERO OSHA RECORDABLES! This noteworthy safety milestone is attributed to proven safety processes which pave Cajun’s Road to ZERO.

Troy Lake, Cajun’s Director of Corporate Safety, praised employees for this achievement, saying, “Through site leadership, employee commitment, involvement in the safety process, and a site culture that allows for intervention, safety is first and foremost at Cajun. Our clients continue to support our efforts and strive to provide a safe place to work for our employees.”

As we move into the new year and establish new goals, we can’t become comfortable with our past safety success. We must continue to diligently work towards an incident and injury free workplace by:

  • Following all safety rules
  • Correcting unsafe actions/conditions and notifying a supervisor
  • Participating in all Pre-Task Plans, Safety Meetings and Hatbox Training
  • Volunteering as jobsite mentors
  • Taking advantage of all the training Cajun offers

Safety is a core value and we live it every day! Thank you for your dedication to safety!

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