Rapid Emergency Response System, Cajun Industries

2Q17 Newsletter

Rapid Emergency Response System

Here at Cajun, our mission is one of continuous improvement. In the area of emergency response, our Baton Rouge office complex is one of the first in the south to pilot the BluePoint Alert Solutions Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS).RERS is specifically designed to speed the response time of law enforcement, first responders, and notify building occupants when life-threatening situations occur. Similar to a standard fire alarm, occupants can activate a BluePoint pull station, which instantly notifies police, on-site leadership, and security personnel of an emergency situation and expedites a rapid response.

BluePoint pull stations and cameras are strategically installed throughout the facility providing valuable information to emergency personnel when responding to dangerous situations.

Activating these stations generates an automatic text, e-mail, and voice alert which is sent to designated groups- -employees, leadership team, etc.This system enables law enforcement and response personnel to gain information quickly for improved decision making. Informed decisions save lives and protect people.

Local law enforcement is currently being educated on the functions of the system. Soon employees at the Baton Rouge campus will receive system user training. We are planning to have the system operational by the end of the summer.

Troy Lake | Corp. Safety Director

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