1Q19 Newsletter

Teamwork is Key on Land and Water

In October 2018, after nearly a year of multi-discipline constructability, Cajun was selected as the general contractor for Shell Convent Firewater Reliability Compliance project. This project allows Cajun to display several of our core competencies: Marine, Deep Foundations (sheet, pipe, and helical piles), Civil and Mechanical (structural steel, equipment setting, and piping). One Cajun, working together on a challenging project to provide our client with safety, quality, and productivity.

First, there was water. With limited accessibility, Cajun was challenged with installing pipe piles and a sheet pile cofferdam from Flexi-Floats assembled in Shell’s firewater pond. Once sheet pile installation was completed, dewatering and de-mucking carried the torch. Everyone worked together to ensure a safe working surface for the Cajun competencies that follow.

Next, there was land. The helical crew worked on one structure while the civil crew prepared the adjacent structure. Both crews worked together closely to improve the overall schedule. Following helical pile completion, the civil crews were able to capitalize on the dry weather and install both concrete structures, making way for the mechanical team.

After only a few weeks onsite, the mechanical crews are making great progress erecting steel in preparation of setting the pump houses and installing pipe from land and water!

A job well done to all Cajun employees contributing to this notable display of Cajun culture as competencies work together safely!

Josh Zumo | Project Manager Baton Rouge Civil

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