What is the Giken Silent Piler?

Steel sheet piles are typically impacted or vibrated into the ground during installation. These methods generate excessive noise and can cause damage to adjacent structures due to ground vibration. Cajun has added the Giken Silent Piler to its fleet, a reaction-based press-in machine, which installs piles without excessive noise or vibrations. Piles are hydraulically pressed into the ground using static energy nearly eliminating noise and vibration.

  • Safer than conventional methods
  • Eliminates vibration
  • Eliminates noise
  • Eliminates heavy hanging installation equipment such as vibratory hammers
  • No loftman required in manlift
  • Reduces labor cost
  • Can be used for most U & Z shaped sheet piling
  • Jetting capabilities for hard to penetrate materials
  • Onboard pile laser for wall alignment
Giken Silent Piler PDF

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