Marine Construction

Through Cajun's decades of experience in the capital construction environment, we have become a key player in the marine infrastructure market providing turnkey services from marine construction through mechanical completion. We service and build numerous types of projects from small boat launches in rural parishes to major docking facilities in the Gulf and inland waterways and bays. Cajun specializes in marine projects that include detailed structural work such as pilings and timber construction, as well as pipeline installation, the building of outfalls and flumes, dredging, salvaging, rig tending, demolition and stevedoring. We also leverage our vast modular construction experience in the oil field to meet this building shift in rivers and inland waterways.

Rooted in a lump-sum culture, we are extremely productive while remaining focused on safety. All services are delivered by our complete team of experienced personnel and backed by a new, company-owned fleet of equipment that ensures reliability on site. The roster includes American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) ocean-class barges that allow us to operate safely and in compliance with regulations outside of the line of demarcation.

Cajun has delivered both design-build and bid-build structural projects throughout the Gulf Coast and on its estuaries, including both extensive and innovative coastal restoration cross- sections and marine facility structures.




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