Heavy Hauling

Cajun has developed a large fleet of meticulously maintained trucks and custom-built trailers to service clients’ permitted, heavy, oversize and overweight loads. From dozers and huge crawler cranes to concrete buildings and vessels with load capacities up to 80 tons, Cajun has the experience to move equipment safely, professionally and on time, while ensuring that proper permits and escorts are secured. By self-maintaining our equipment to the highest standards, we help avoid delays and ensure Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance.

Cajun sets itself apart from the competition by excelling in three areas: training, safety and tracking.

Our drivers undergo extensive training—in most cases, the same safety and pre-task training as our customers. Each driver must pass rigorous training, testing and on-site exercises for proper loading and hazard recognition techniques. Our in-depth program ensures that our drivers never experience delays due to security issues for port or refinery entry.

Cajun drivers are engaged in an unparalleled safety program that combines aggressive training with adherence to federal and state DOT regulations. In addition, all specialty loads are monitored by our staff supervisors and safety professionals.

The entire Cajun fleet is equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking, which allows us to monitor and locate loads at all times.




    by Blake Cason | 23 Jan, 2015


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