Deep Foundations

Cajun self-performs all disciplines of deep foundations work and has completed a wide range of projects from single-pile limited access to large, mega-piling projects of 10,000-plus piles. We utilize a large fleet of company-owned, state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to work quickly and efficiently. We are licensed and able to perform work throughout the United States, and we have international experience.

Most importantly, we employ safe work practices to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all involved parties. No other company in the region can match our expertise or our proven track record of safe execution and satisfied clients.

Drill Shafts Cajun’s diverse drilling equipment includes limited-access and limited-overhead drill rigs in sizes to suit any project restrictions. We perform drill-only and complete, turnkey drill and place services.

Driven Piles
Our driven pile experience includes both land and marine jobs. We install pre-cast, pre- stressed concrete, timber, H-pile, composite, pipe and sheet piles.

Auger Cast-In-Place (ACIP) Piles
ACIP piles require a very high level of installation expertise, and Cajun brings this professionalism to every project. Cajun can customize our limited access rigs to meet most any customer’s need.

Helical Piles
Helical piles screw into soil with minimal disturbance making them especially effective in limited access and/or environmentally sensitive areas. As a certified installer supplied by the industry leader in helical piles, Cajun offers design-build services in this unique alternative for our clients.

Retaining Structures
Cajun features an innovative, hands-on, design-build approach to sheet pile and cofferdam projects. We are experienced in the design and construction of retention structures both on land and in marine environments.




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