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Workforce Development, Education & Training at Cajun Industries, LLC is a critical human capital system. Our programs identify future needs, develop a productive workforce, observe the competencies and skill levels of employees, and determine both proficiency and skill gap . Cajun is dedicated to providing employees with the necessary training to ensure our company remains a safe and productive workplace. Training is essential to Cajun safety culture and Cajun employee development. All employees at Cajun, from field craft to executive management, benefit from our workforce development programs.

Locate Craft Training and Assessment Center:

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) School Information

  1. Pick your Training Center:
    1. ABC Bayou New Orleans – Carpentry, Pipefitter and Welding
    2. ABC Pelican Baton Rouge – Carpentry, Pipefitter, Welding, Millwright, Heavy
    3. ABC Pelican SW Lake Charles – Carpentry, Pipefitter, Welding, Heavy Equipment, Equipment, Mobile Crane and Specialty Mobile Crane and Safety
  2. All payments are accepted by Money Order only and are due at time of enrollment.
    1. ABC Bayou New Orleans – $225 and includes Core
    2. ABC Pelican Baton Rouge – $200 12 week Core and upon completion can self-enroll into craft training
      1. Safety Course (CSST) $800 (requires 3 years of experience)
      2. Specialty Course $600 Print Reading, Estimating, Planning and Scheduling
    3. ABC Pelican SW Lake Charles – $140 12 week Core and upon completion can self-enroll into craft training
  3. Have application signed by supervisor for approval to attend training.
  4. Submit approved application and money order to field support.
  5. Workforce Development will be onsite to collect application and payment for enrollment.
  6. Workforce Development will enroll students during contractor enrollment period.
  7. Current students will enroll as priority prior to contractor enrollment period.
  8. All student will receive and be identified on the jobsite with a GREEN NCCER Hard Hat Sticker

Please contact Chris Newton or Tanya Hebert if you have questions

Chris Newton –
Tanya Hebert – 225-754-1372 or


Build Your Future

Hazard Awareness Training

Cajun Supervisory Training

Cajun Industries, LLC is dedicated to providing employees the training needed to make our company a safe and productive workplace. Training is an essential part of Cajuns safety culture and employee development.

All employees at Cajun, from field craft persons to executive management, benefit from the Cajun Training Program. The comprehensive program begins at orientation and examines 23 topics ensuring new employees understand Cajun’s policies and procedures, any hazards he/she might be exposed to, and how to prevent those hazards prior to beginning work. Topics of discussion include safety, professional, competent person, and management. Cajun employees also receive appropriate site-specific orientation and training.

Cajun employees can view the training manual on the Cajun intranet under Forms/Library; Training; Training Manual 2016. Cajun employees can also discuss additional training with their supervisors or contact Chris Newton at

Technical & Community Colleges

Craft training at technical and community colleges in your area. Click the logo for more information.



Cajun Industries, LLC is a proud employer of our nation’s best. Click the logo for more information

Employee Craft Training Alumni Spotlight:

Name:  Stephen Heim

Company: Cajun Contractors, LLC


Jobs sites worked on:  Nalco, Williams, Honeywell Geismar, Valero St. Charles, Valero Meraux, Marathon, Conoco Phillips, Sasol, Cabot, Methanex, Motiva Convent, Shintech Addis, and Shintech Plaquemine.

What craft did you study?   Graduated ABC School with a Major in Heavy Equipment and a Minor in Mobile Crane, as well as completing a CSST.

What position are you now in?   My current position is Equipment Operator.

What are the benefits of craft training and NCCER certification?   Being instructed by someone with years of experience gives you an insight that is not easily gained, while the certifications serve as a way to open the door to your desired craft.

What additional educational training have you received?  I’ve attempted college twice, but was met with limited success. Seems actually working is more my thing.

Describe your craft training:  Each class is two nights a week for 3 months, which focuses mainly on book work with hands on experience mixed in.

What advice would you give to those interested in craft training and NCCER Certification?   Whether you’re looking for a new position, (out of the heat & into a seat) or just to learn better at what you’re doing new, craft training is a great way to make that happen. Investing a little time and money now, will help out in the long run.

If you have questions or desire more information about Craft, Cajun or NCCER Training please contact Cajuns Workforce Development Manager Chris Newton at or call Tanya Hebert at 225-754-1372.


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