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Cajun Industries, LLC was founded in 1973 as a merit shop company specializing in structural concrete. Today, we are a nationally recognized construction leader providing a broad range of services to various markets including oil, gas and energy; refining; chemical processing; power; manufacturing and buildings; governmental infrastructure; alternative energy; emergency preparedness and disaster response; communication; water quality; and more.

As a specialty contractor in heavy civil, mechanical, deep foundation and marine construction, our customers rely on Cajun's meticulously maintained equipment, proven project management procedures and sound financial resources for excellent results. We have an extensive heavy equipment fleet that enables us to self-perform a significant portion of even the most complex projects. Cajun holds multiple ASME and NBIC stamps, and our highly skilled craftsmen and project managers stand ready to tackle even the largest of challenges. Whatever project you may need accomplished, we have the ability and experience to handle the job.




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